Project Title Development of CAN Driver for full CAN on ARM7

Project Description : The main aim of the Development of CAN Driver for full CAN on ARM7 project is to design a full CAN receiver which can receive data from a CAN specific network, handling the error and display the received data in hyper terminal. Where CAN driver architecture follows with the hardware independent, RTX memory tool enabled,  RTX message transfers, Hardware Layer for the layer.

  1. Electronic Design Packages: Xilinx, Keil µ Vision, Flash Magic. Design Packages
  2. Programming Languages         : C, C++, Assembly Languages, Embedded C.
  3. Microcontroller / FPGA             : Xilinx FPGA (Spartan 3), NXP-LPC2378 (ARM7  core),8051.
  4. Protocols                                    :  CAN, I2C, SPI