Designing Web Interface of E-Granthalaya Project Report

E-Granthalaya can be considered as the online Library Management software which is been designed and introduced by NIC University Karnataka. NIC Library is happened to be landmark for Library management system that initiated many other state and central government libraries to use E-Granthalaya as their main library resource. This E-Granthalaya software is been designed by making use of front end of visual basis with MS SQL as back end that can be run with Windows platforms through which the data can stored and secured. This E-Granthalaya is supporting educational institutions as well as students in order to access e-data from the library. Every university and college has their own library database and by using this E-Granthalaya software universities can store their library data i.e. books and resources online. By using this software students can access the data available in their library through online at any time without visiting the campus. The main features of this E-Granthalaya are as follows:

  • This will allow the institutions to update their administrative services, college and university information, college magazines, catalogs, books and articles online.
  • By using this, educational institutions can even maintain the student registers, library access details and administrative access details online without using paper work
  • This will provide best search options to the students to find the information needed from their library
  • Universities and colleges can use all their library resources efficiently

Software Requirements

The software requirements of this system need framework of .net along with SQL Server2005 including VB.NET 2003.

Hardware Requirements

The hardware requirements of this system need Windows XP with 512 MB RAM and 40GB Hard disk. 

Download Designing Web Interface of E-Granthalaya Project Report .

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