Project Title: Control System of Transmitting Using Conventional Logic Gates
Project Domain: Communication

Project Description:-

                        In this Control System of Transmitting Using Conventional Logic Gates project the aim is to study the process of transmitting signals by an antenna. And the transmitter characteristics. In this project we mainly study the different types of antennas and their operation.

          Control system’s basic function is to ensure proper switching on and switching off of the transmitter. It has to ensure safety of both the equipment and personnel. Safety of the operating personal and then safety of the costly and critical equipments are very important. So it is necessary to monitor both and take precautions in a fool proof way. For example, it is dangerous to run the transmitter with the cubical doors kept open, because dangerous voltages are present in them. So it becomes necessary to monitor the status of the door micro switch and this interlock id called door interlock (DK). The control circuit monitors the status of this micro switch and switches OFF the transmitter immediately as soon as any door is opened. This ensures safety. It has to take care of the malfunction, over loads and any other faults that occur during the running of the transmitter.