Cable Operator Management System Final Year Project

The main aim of developing this Cable Operator Management System is to provide web application project for final year CSE students. This .Net based web tool can explain how cable Network works with the help of automated tool. Admin and User module played major role in this project where admin has all management rights to operate the cable network and admin can add new cable network and delete any unused previous networks.

This entire project provides total documentation and project report for all students includes the main purpose of the project, what are the problems in the previous system, solutions for the proposed cable project, future enhancements and scope of the project, Analysis of the project, Software and hardware requirements of the web application, project designing documents, output screen shots for the report, execution process, installation process and finally provides conclusion of the given Cable Operator Management System. This Project was developed with .newt and MS Access Database.

Download  Cable Operator Management System Final Year Project Source Code With Full Project Documentation Abstract, paper Presentation, Seminar Topic and Work Flow Diagrams

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