Booking Photography Java Project


Booking photography is a project which will enable customers or clients to book for professional photographer via online. It is difficult for those who want to book for photography session to request for their favorite photographer since the process was done manually. By having this system, it will be easier for them to make their booking.

Booking Photography Java Project

Existing System:

In the existing system process of booking photography session was done manually by phone calls or drop by at their place. It is hard to track the availability of the photographer and to manage all the bookings made by customers.

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Proposed System:

In the proposed system all the data is maintained in the database which is safe and easy to retrieve. Users can book the photographer anytime and anywhere. User can know the location of the photo shoot.



User module can get register as new user and login for booking. Users can  book their favorite photographer. Users are able  to view status of the booking. Able to check the availability timetable of the photographer


Admin can get login. Admin can add or change the bookings. Admin can check and approve or cancel customer’s booking.

Software Requirements:

Language                                :           Java

Web technologies                   :           JEE (Servlets/JSP)

Front-end Design                    :           Html, CSS, JSP, Bootstrap

Database                                 :           MYSQL

Scripting                                  :           JavaScript


Booking photography is a system which satisfied the requirement of the user by booking the photographer from their location. This system fulfilled the desire of the users to select the photo shoot at their dream place. Users can know the status of their booking in the is system.                  

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