Introduction to An Internet Based Interactive Embedded Data Acquisition ECE Project:

An Internet Based Interactive Embedded Data Acquisition Project is about the development of the embedded wireless system in replacing the existing wired systems. I.e. the zigbee system of wireless is being replaced by the wired electrophysiology system. The elimination of this cables which are placed between the systems ensures the processing of data in flexible and also the robustness.

The paper describes all benefits of the wireless system when compared to that of the wired system along with the power saving capacity. The benefits includes the lower power consumption, also the reduced in the cost of the components along with the reduced size of the acquisition system.

The operation of the data acquisition will be in the similar way. It is capable of accepting an input from a sensing device and then converts the input or conditions to the format of the transmission based on the requirement and then transfer it to the output device which is either personal computer or a system.

When we consider the wired system the input analog signal is transmitted directly on interconnection network. The main problem with the concern is the result of interference from the electromagnetic sources. Therefore the condition of the signal plays a vital role in the wireless system. So to overcome such interference we may require the separate discrete processing of signal with more power consumption and also the size.

According to the present invention regarding the wireless system the transmission system includes the processing of the signal module which consists of the microcontroller with memory. So that the signal module is capable of performing all operations related to input, processing and also delivering the output to an external device. 

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