An Efficient Wireless Architecture to Connect Rural Regions Project

Introduction to An Efficient Wireless Architecture to Connect Rural Regions Project:

This paper discussed about a new wireless network architecture WiRE (Wi-Fi-based Rural Extensions), which provides connectivity to rural regions at very low costs. To enhance the features of WiRE architectural, this paper also addressed the challenges at various protocols. Operations costs of WiMAX and cellular networks are higher in rural areas, because significant power consumption requires covering large areas with low user densities. So there is a need of WiRE network to provide connectivity to rural areas at low cost. 

WiRE Network Architecture: 

The main working principle of WiRE is to provide coverage to specific rural regions where connectivity is more required rather than providing broad coverage. The six important network components of WiRE are wireless nodes, point-to-multipoint links, low cost computing devices, point-to-point links, multi-radio mesh links and large local storage.  The scope of WiRE network architecture is much broader when compared to that of WiLD networks. A wiRE network provides rural connectivity, supports wide range of applications and also focuses on challenges across different protocol layers. WiRE network provider uses unlicensed spectrum so there is no need to pay spectrum costs.

As the manufactures of Wi-Fi chipsets supports open source drivers which help to tailor the protocol in order to meet our needs.  Low power single board computers are used by every wireless router in a WiRE network. PCs/ kiosks or the cell phones are the end-devices of WiRE. WiRE architecture is helpful to enable specific services like telephony services, tele consultation and telemedicine services, interactive distance learning service and mobile banking services to rural regions. But in order to provide the above mentioned services, WiRE network has to face some challenges which come across network and transport layers.  WiRE network is designed in a way to tolerate all failures and address all challenges in these two layers. 


The WiRE architecture is developed for the typical rural regions to connect them to the city. WiRE is a wireless distribution network which extends connectivity from the city to village.

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