This Alternate And Low Cost Construction Materials And Techniques CIVIL Project Report is about Civil Engineering Diploma on alternate and low cost construction materials and techniques. The project provides information about the low cost construction materials, their uses and types of the techniques that helps to reduced cost of construction.

This civil Engineering project reports start with introduction to Council for Works and Housing (CWHR) and its efforts which is an R & D organization under the aegis of the Ministry of Science and Technology. The project stresses the importance of implementation of scientific research on problems related to different types of civil engineering structures such as buildings, roads, bridges, dams, harbours, treatment plants etc.


This report also explain the efforts of CWHR in R & D work for the development of durable, economical and innovative materials for the construction industry with focus on the utilization of local, indigenous techniques and materials for import substitution of construction inputs.

Low cost construction material:

The report consists of pictorial representation of different low cost construction material which can be used to build houses. Such as: Rice Husk Ash, Blast Furnaces Slag, soil Cement Stabilized Blocks for Masonry walls.

It also speaks about the importance of low cost housing unit and its components. Finally the report explain about the model room, which is constructed by using wheat straw concrete block masonry for load bearing walls with lightweight R.C.C. Tile Batten-Roofing system.


This Alternate And Low Cost Construction Materials And Techniques CIVIL Project  report provides a better and an efficient way to reduced the cost of construction. The report shows the types of construction which are economical and thermally comfortable for rural houses.

The construction is simple, low cost and can be constructed on self help basis. This project also shed light on cement replacement and their cost reduction with its utilization, materials and techniques.

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