A Secure Chat Program Project Abstract

Project Abstract:

                    The secure communication between the person sending the information and the person receiving the information is authenticated by using the Quantum Cryptography. This authentication process is done by means of a combination of the explicit 3AQKDPMA and implicit 3AQKDP. In the A Secure Chat Program situations like public discussions and also when the session keys are divided the verification of eavesdropping and verification of uniqueness of session key is done by using the quantum key mechanisms and Quantum key distribution protocols in the quantum cryptography. In the communication rounds that are taken place later between the information sender and information receiver requires the public discussions. These communication rounds among the sender and the receiver are intermediary. Using the quantum cryptography replay attacks and the passive attacks are opposed when they are applied, this task of opposing the passive attacks and replay attacks is very much easy using the quantum cryptography. Using the 3AQKDP in quantum cryptography, the authentication of the authorized user is attained by applying confidentiality only, which indicates the confidentiality is the only factor that is applicable for accurate authentication of the reasonable user.  In general the communication between the sender and the receiver should be secure; the session explanation should be set up proper in order to achieve the common authentication for the authorized user.

                      There are two implicit phases in the quantum key distribution protocol that is in the 3AQKDP.  Among these two implicit phases setup is the first phase and distribution is the second phase. The third party authentication in the communication is provided by these two phases by working together with the session key distribution security. In this communication method, the sender and the receiver use a trust center to communicate which other because they don’t have mutual understanding between them to communicate directly. 

                      In case of the other quantum key distribution protocol that is the 3AQKDPMA there are two explicit phases. As similar to the first protocol here also the first phase is the setup and the second phase is distribution. Session key distribution is used by these two phases for authenticating the third party in communication. But the quantum key distribution protocol 3AQKDPMA is different from the implicit 3AQKDP quantum key distribution protocol. This is a explicit protocol where the receiver and sender in the communication has mutual understanding and so they use the authentication of trusted center to communicate directly. There are some disadvantages in using these 3AQKDP and 3AQKDPMA and they are

  1. Identification of security threads in session key is not possible.
  2.  Identification of security threads in message is possible.
  3. Authentication is provided for the message.
This Paper is written & submitted by Vamshidhar A.

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