XML Integration in SQL Server – SQL Server Tutorial

XML Integration in SQL Server :-

  • Xml is simple and
  • Unicode
  • And platform independent.
  • Transfer data from one file to another
  • For each record one tag is created with name “row”
  • Select * from emp for xml row
  • Select * from emp For xml path.
  •  select * from emp for xml   xpath root(‘emp’)

Transfering data from xml to sql server :-

Exec sp_preparedocument :-

  • It is used to prepare xml document.

Exec sp_xml_removedocument  :-

  • It is used to remove the document.

Example  :-

          Declare @x  int

          Declar @s  varchar (1000)

       Set @s =<root>

             <cust cid =”1” cname=”A”></cust>

              <cust cid =”z” cname=”B”></cust>


Exec   sp_xml_preparedocument  @x  output,@s

             Insert  into cust

        Select  * from  openxml(@x,’/root/cust’)


                   (cid int,cname varchar(20)).

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