Time Synchronization in LANs Based on Network Time Protocol NIT CSE Project Report

NTP or the network time protocol enable to synchronize the time taken from a server or a computer client to connect to another server. Eg : modem, radio and satellite receiver. Within a millisecond it provides accuracy on the LAN and on WAN it can continue up to few tens of milliseconds. Via global positioning service the WAN is related to the coordinated universal time or UTC. This project is a version of network time protocol. It has some of the following features like:

It can handle issues regarding the new nodes that join the network

In LAN it synchronizes the clock system.

On the basis of the connectionless user datagram protocol messages and packets are exchanged.

It also handles messages and packet related problems.

Overall, between the clients and the server, timestamp messages are exchanged. These messages have sequence numbers that are already incorporated in them which enables to take care of the integrity of the message. If the sequence number matches the client will respond to the message. This time stamped message can only be broadcasted only by the server and that too at definite time intervals. The client therefore receiving the message can update the time. New clients can send the message “WHO IS THE HOST” if they wish to join the network. Message broadcasting can be done by both the clients and the server.

The issues related to networking and distributed computing environment are dealt with the help of this project. Time synchronizing has gained a lot of importance today and it is one of the most common issues. It has helped in enhancing the security level in the network. Synchronizing the clocks in the network to the world time servers through the internet or with a coordinated universal time can help in improving this project. 

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  1. Actually I wanna know more about this project like how can I make this project? What should I add in this project??

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