The Design of Interface Circuit Based on S3C2410 Data Acquisition System ECE Project

This paper focus on the design of the circuit of the hardware of the data acquisition system and the design of the LCD or the liquid crystal display also known as the touch screen interface is shown in details. With a detailed analysis of the principle of computer-human interaction the embedded processor S3C2410 act as the core ARM920T which is produced by the company, Samsung. This is a terminal equipment that takes a low power applications and cost effective system. LCD is a high power, low consumption and high brightness screen that is used widely in data acquisition. Touchscreen is also easy to operate.

This article is based on the smaller end and lower priced design needs of the present acquisition system in the highlight of the present terminals and the needs of several functions. The selection of the Samsung processor S3C2410 is a touch screen and used as an interface designed for the interaction of the human-computer.

The realization of the hardware program that is introduced as the output and input devices as well as the processor circuit for the interface including the LCD interface and the touch screen. It also provides the reference design for the touch screen. The touch screen helps to make work more efficient and easy to implement.

In the man-machine interface design the communication between the machines and users is single and its functions can also be realized easily. The operations are complicated and it cannot be satisfied at the efficient and quick needs of the users through the click of the operation buttons. The LCD can not only provide a great display but can also showcase the needs of the general display. It has its own features like low-voltage and micro power consumption. It can also show the amount of required information and electromagnetic radiation as well as a flat panel-type structure.

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