Teleconferencing and Videoconferencing System Reflection Essay

Investigate the various teleconferencing and videoconferencing system available to you:

Teleconferencing and videoconferencing is defined as a confrontation by the means of telecommunication medium. It is a universal medium for linking people from two or more locations


  • VOIP
  • LYNC


Teleconferencing has various types such as,

  • AUDIO [Voice only , also known as conference calling]
  • AUDIOGRAPHIC [Narrow band telecommunication channels are used to transmit information]
  • COMPUTER [Two or more computers are connected through telephone lines]
  • VIDEO [Combination of audio and video to provide voice communication and video image]

The technology may differ in each method but the ultimate point is to share the information from different people in different locations.


It is a manipulation of video conference by a specified group of telecommunication technology, which allows two or more people in various location to interact concurrently through too and fro video and audio transmissions.

The basic technology handled in video conferencing technology is digital compression of audio and video streaming in real time. The hardware or the software which achieve compression is known as codec (coder – decoder).

The main benefit of Teleconferencing is its resilience and affability, for means if we don’t have any video equipment such as webcam etc.


Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology and set of methodology to convey voice communication and multimedia discussions over internet protocol. Due to bandwidth efficiency and less price that VoIP technology will provide. Companies are shifting from classical copper-wire telephonic system to voice over internet protocol to cut down their monthly phone costs.

2) Imagine you are applying for a job and attached a resume:

I have attached a e-mail copy as a screen shot attached my resume to it, so that I can explain briefly

I have attached my resume and also expressed my interest of joining in their esteemed organization and also I have shown my experience and key skills that matches with the job description which act as the added advantage for my profile.






Write a short tutorial on how to perform a task in Microsoft word.

  • To perform a task in Microsoft, the basic step is to click the “START” button from the desktop and type as Microsoft office in the search bar
  • Once you find the Microsoft office in the list provided in the menu, click the mouse button by keeping the cursor on the symbol provided below.
  • The Microsoft word page opens once the above icon is clicked and we are ready to create a word document.
  • In this page we can see various tools provided which are used to create a word document of our desire, the most basic and important tools are
  • Font Style
  • Font Size

B) Stands for Bold Letters

  • (I) : Stands for Italic
  • (U): Stands for Underline
  • Even we can insert images in our word document by clicking the insert menu at the top of the Paige and selecting the picture option in it, by this we can select the desired image which is saved in our Laptop/Desktop.
  • Even if we want to create a table in order to show the values of different items we can insert a table by selecting the table icon from the insert option.
  • With the help of the page layout option it is possible to align margin for your word document and also to set the size and columns for the document.

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