Simple Steps To Get A Software Job

1. Prepare aptitude questions and answers to clear written exams.

2. Prepare C&DS, Operating systems, Database management systems for interview.

3. Improve your communication skills. If you’re poor at it, read English news paper, watch Hollywood movies with subtitles if needed, watch English news channels. Even following cricket commentary will help a bit of improving your communication skills.

That’s all. Don’t scream that these things/skills only are pretty difficult to get. Many things that people take a lot of pain and worry about can be solved with simple preparation and self organization. How many people that are searching for a job are doing their bit of preparation to get it? Just follow above mentioned simple steps; you’ll get closer to get a job. You will just need one or two calls on recruitment drives; you’ll find your employer.

I work for a MNC and part of recruitment drive for my company visiting IITs in India and IIIT colleges, top university colleges. No one is perfect or born intelligent, they have the same level of potential as any other guy coming from a normal university or college. Only difference between them and students from top colleges is that they do little bit of preparation for recruitment process, where as normal colleges guys do it lesser than top college guys in my opinion. That can be because there is no guidance in average colleges, or there is guidance but the students are not really planning for upcoming recruitments. In my opinion one should start working on attaining the skills that I mentioned above from the end of third year second semester, if not from the first year of graduation. Plan yourself little better, you’ll be successful with pretty less or no pain at the time of end of your academics. You’ll know if there is one recruitment opportunity, you’ll be ready to grab it.

All the best!

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