Seminar Topic and Report on Magnetic Random Access Memory

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Magnetic Random Access Memory:

Magnetic Random Access Memory is a non-Volatile random access memory which uses magnetic storage system to refer the saved data. It uses a material named as Magneto-resistive which has an existence of magnetic field. This magnetic layer is created by permollay thin layer where the crossroads of sense line and word line in a bit of memory.

It has some general attributes such as Non-Volatility, low write energy, speedy writing, uncountable cycling etc… The growth of MRAM was based on other contains like AMR, GMR, SDT and much more. AMR material is handled by the magnetic hysteresis and memories are also accommodated on an integrated memory chips. And in GMR the resistant of some materials falls severely due to magnetic field is used there. The main work of GMR is to measure the angle difference between the Magnetism.

There are two procedures of data storage such as 2-D magnetic and 1-D magnetic selection. The 2-D magnetic is the old scheme which rejects the serial memories such as disk and tapes. Now a day’s every MRAM uses the 2-D magnetic selection scheme. The PSV concepts also use the 2-D magnetic selection. 1-D is the new scheme which is invented recently, here a small per memory is used to write and a very small cell current are used for reading purpose. The 1-D MRAM is very symmetrical to the DRAM concept of Ram.

Some tips for access the data are the inductive readout scheme where in the beginning time memories used the inductive readout scheme such as the state of 0 and 1. Second is the magnetoresistive readout scheme as this scheme is currently used in now a day’s MRAM’s.

Advantages of MRAM are uncountable cycling ability, speedy read and write and nonvolatile technologies that were defined earlier. Uses of low power for writing and other things. MRAM is invulnerable radiation device so it can be used a high temperature also. MRAM is also a great topic which is used by the IBM projects also.

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