Seminar Topic and Report on Deep Ocean Assessment And Reporting Of Tsunamis

Introduction to DART:

In the recent years due to the occurrence of tsunami thousands   lost their lives and caused a lot of destruction in the coastal areas. In order to save the lives of the people the occurrence of the tsunami should be known in advance which is possible by DART.

The deep ocean assessment systems are mainly used for detecting signals in advance which cause the occurrence of tsunami. The DART system monitors the water levels in the oceans and also checks the relevant location for the occurrence of tsunami propagation.

Working of DART:

DART system consists of sensors which are placed at the bottom of the sea which detect the signals which cause earth quakes in the sea bed and transmit the data. A specific acoustic data transmission protocol is used in the design of DART system.

The olden DART systems deployed hundred of buoys for the research in oceanographic and metro logical research.

The recent DART systems are using only six buoy array method for the calculation of the data. Software is developed for the tsunami detection algorithm which is present in tsunameter device which monitors the pressure and the water level changes in the ocean and detects the signals and sends the information analogously to the transmitting device for giving warning alarm.

Advantages of using DART:

This is an efficient device for the detection of tsunami signals and generates a warning alarm. As the device is capable of detecting low wavelength signals which can even detect the earthquake signals which are faster than tsunami signals. this device can also be used for the research in metro logical and oceanography as it can monitor the water levels and the pressure in the oceans.

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