This Retrofitting Of Rc Beams With Externally Bonded Simcon Laminates project report presents the results of experimental studies concerning the flexural strengthening of RC beams using externally bonded Slurry Infiltrated Mat concrete (SIMCON) laminates. A total of four reinforced concrete beams were cast and tested in the laboratory over an effective span of 3000 mm. Three beams were strengthened with bonded SIMCON laminate at the bottom under virgin condition and tested until failure; the remaining one beam was used as control specimen. Static responses of all the beams were evaluated in terms of strength, stiffness, ductility ratio, energy absorption capacity factor, compositeness between laminate and concrete, and the associated failure modes.

retrofitting-of-rc-beams-with-externally-bonded-simcon-laminatesComparison was made between the Control specimen and strengthened beam. The results show that the strengthened beams exhibit increased flexural strength, enhanced flexural stiffness, and composite action until failure. The cost of civil infrastructure constitutes a major portion of the national wealth. The rapid deterioration of reinforced concrete structures has thus created an urgent need for the development cost-effective methods for repair, retrofit and new construction.

As the number of civil infrastructure systems increases worldwide, the number of deteriorated buildings and structures also increases. Complete replacement is likely to be an increasing financial burden and might certainly be a waste of natural resources if upgrading or strengthening is a viable alternative.


SIMCON laminates properly bonded to the tension face of RC beams can enhance the flexural strength substantially. The strengthened beams exhibit an increase in flexural strength of 45.0% as compared to the Control beam (CB1). At any given load level, the deflections are reduced significantly thereby increasing the stiffness for the strengthened beams. A flexible epoxy system will ensure that the bond line does not break before failure and participate fully in the structural resistance of the strengthened beams.

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