Students Marks Prediction Using Linear Regression


Analyzing and prediction of academic performance is important for any education institutions. Predicting student performance can help teachers to take steps in developing strategy for improving performance at early stages. With the advancement of machine learning supervised and unsupervised techniques developing these kinds of applications are helping teachers to analyze students in better way compare to existing methods. In this student marks prediction using Linear regression project students’ academic performance is prediction considering input as previous students marks and predict next subject marks and accuracy of the model is calculated.

Problem statement:

Analyzing and prediction of marks for students was done based on guess and students’ personal marks details are not considered for academic evaluation.


Machine learning based data mining techniques are used to automate process of student performance prediction using linear regression technique.

Existing system:

  • Researches has done work on Grading systems which final examination marks are used for giving grades for students and evaluation of each student is done.
  • Association rule mining and apriori algorithms are used for classifying students based on their marks


  • Most of these methods work on data mining techniques which are based on after completing data.
  • Early stage evaluation is not possible in these methods.

Proposed system:

  • Students marks of other subjects are taken as input for evaluation students’ performance. Data set is pre-processed and features and labels are extracted from dataset then dataset is split in to test and train sets then linear regression is applied to dataset for prediction.


  • Before final marks of all subjects are evaluated prediction can be performed.
  • Using machine learning process automation of marks prediction can be done.


  • Operating system                  : Windows XP/7/10
  • Coding Language            :            python 
  • Development environment : anaconda, Jupiter
  • Dataset                         : students marks dataset
  • IDE :           Jupiter notebook

COVID-19 Data Analysis And Cases Prediction Using CNN


Corona virus ( COVID-19 ) is creating panic all over the world with fast growing cases. There are various datasets available which provides information of world-wide effected information. Covid has affected all counties with large number of cases with variation of numbers under death, survived, effected. In this project we are using data set which has county wise details of cases with various combined features and labels. Covid data analysis and case prediction project provide solution for data analysis of various counties on various time and data factors and creating model for survival and death cases and prediction cases in future. Machine learning provides deep learning methods like Convolution neural network which is used for model creation and prediction for next few months are done using this project.  


      With the increase of COVID 19 cases all over the world daily predictions and analysis is required for effective control of pandemic all over the world


    By collecting data from Kaggle and new York dataset data preprocessing is performed and data analysis is performed on dataset and machine learning model is generated for future prediction of cases.


  • Prediction was performed on COVID 19 cases based on different machine learning techniques which are based on x ray data set collected from COVID 19 patients.
  • Disease prediction from x ray images is done using deep learning techniques.


  • Data set used for predicting disease is different compare to one we are using for this project.
  • Image processing techniques are used.


Using data set pre-processing is performed on the collected data set and various steps for deep learning model is performed and prediction of cases is done then data analysis is done on various factors.


  • Data analysis and prediction is performed on textual data
  • Deep learning models are generated for predicting future cases.
  • Data analysis is performed for various factors.


  • Operating system                   :           Windows XP/7/10
  • Coding Language              :           python
  • Development Kit                  :        anaconda 
  • Programming language: Python
  • IDE                                               :           Anaconda prompt

Crop Yield Prediction using KNN classification


Agriculture is considered as import field all over the world where there are many challenges in solving problems in the process of estimating crops based on the conditions. This has become a challenge for developing countries.  Using latest technologies many companies are using IOT based services and Mechanical technology to reduce manual work. These methods are mostly useful in the case on reducing manual work but not in prediction process. In this project crop yield prediction using Machine learning latest ML technology and KNN classification algorithm is used for prediction crop yield based on soil and temperature factors.  Dataset is prepared with various soil conditions as features and labels for predicting type of each label is related to certain crop. In prediction process user can give input as soil features and result will be type of crop suitable for specific conditions and application also helps in suggesting best crops with yield for hector.


  • In our country large amount of population are depending on agriculture though government is taking financial steps to help farmers still they are facing problems due to lack of data analysis and prediction on crops.


  • Our objective is to develop an application using machine learning for predicting which crop to be used based on soil condition using k nearest neighbor classification.

Existing system:

          Image based analysis was one of the methods which was previously used for detection land type and then analysis was done.


         Process is based on image analysis results are not accurate as in this method soil conditions are not considered.

       Image processing is a time taking process.

Proposed system:

        Machine learning is the latest technology which python programming language gives advantage in using various algorithms for crop yield prediction based on the input data set. In this process KNN classification algorithm is used for prediction. In this project testing training is performed on given text dataset which includes soil and temperature conditions as features and type of crop as labels.


        Crop yield prediction is performed based on textual dataset and any user can check type of crop best suits for conditions and get crop suggestions. 


System Requirement:

  • Operating system         :           Windows XP/7/10
  • Coding Language :           Html, JavaScript, 
  • Development Kit :        Flask Framework
  • Programming language: Python
  • IDE :           Anaconda prompt

Stock Market Analysis Python Project Report

Stock Market Analysis and prediction is a project for technical analysis, visualization, and estimation using Google Financial data. Seeing data from the market, especially some general and other software columns. Pandas used to take stock of the information, looked at different aspects of it, and finally looked at it in some way to assess the risk of a stock based on its recent performance history. Competing with the Monte Carlo method in anticipation of future prices.


Stock exchange analysis is only intended for the analysis of stock company data for various organizations. Using this method of data analysis, any organization can easily extract relevant information.


The main goal of my project is to analyze the data of all the institutions in which form we need.


Share financial data with quandl for the following companies:

  • Apple
  • Amazon
  • Microsoft
  • Google

Perform basic data analysis

  • Get last year’s data
  • Check Apple values
  • Indicate the final price
  • The stock market has seen a rate hike
  • Gather all the company data together for the final price

Make daily return analyzes and show the relationship between the different stocks

  • Percentage change plan for Apple product
  • Find a shared website for Apple and Google
  • Use PairPlot to show the relationship between everything

Perform risk analysis


We evaluated two basic measurements of the analysis and found no conclusive evidence about their estimated value.
These predictions are also very long-lasting and will see a year in the future. Suggestions on this scale are not the main project time. Instead, we will focus on predicting daily market trends. Because of these problems, we avoided basic analysis.

Performing risk analysis Results:

Download the attached  Stock Market Analysis python Project Report


Python Projects

The below list of available python projects on Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AI, OpenCV, Text Editor, and Web applications. Software requirements are python programming, Anaconda, etc.




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Python Text Editor

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