Project Report On Windmill Speedometer With Frequency Counter

This Project Report On Windmill Speedometer With Frequency Counter is primarily designed to calculate the speed of the motor; this is achieved through the use of microcontroller and photo sensor. The photo-sensor is near the engine. If the motor has a rotation of the photo-sensor senses this and generates the pulse. This pulse is transmitted to the microcontroller. Microcontroller acts as a switch. So, when a pulse from the microcontroller light barrier, increases the counter. The count is based on the LCD, which is displayed in digital form.

The idea behind most of the digital counter frequency meter and tachometer, a micro-controller is used to count the pulses coming from a sensor or other device. In the case of this rev counter is counted by the proximity sensor may be, when the reflective element about them all to be discovered, and thus provide an output pulse for each revolution of the shaft as shown in the picture. These pulses are fed to the microcontroller and counted. Main components used : 5 V DC Power Supply, ATMEL AT89S52 Microcontroller, Analog to Digital Converter ( ADC – 0808 ),LCD 16*2 Alpha Numeric, Buzzer – Frequency ( 1 to 18 khz, 5V – 12V DC ).

 Project Report On Windmill Speedometer With Frequency Counter Conclusion:

This report is to calculate the speed of the engine. Been calculated in previous days, the speed of the engine through the contact tachometer, is only limited speed can be calculated, and the accurate reading cannot be maintained and shows the calculated value in analog form, this is analogous to the display hard to understand. So in this project, we can overcome these problems mentioned above, we use this non-contact tachometer. From this we can calculate, tachometer, the motor speed to a great extent. And accurate reading is obtained; calculated value is in the form of digital, which is easy to understand. Actual reading value display digital form .It uses digital display so avoids alignment problem.

Download Project Report On Windmill Speedometer With Frequency Counter.

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