NIT Computer Science Project Report on HTTP Web Server

Introduction to HTTP Web Server Project:

The existing system is the follower of the Hyper Text Type Protocol web servers. I have the same features and the functions like the Apache web servers. It works on the platform that supports the Java and has the ability of accepting the multiple users demanding request at the same duration of time. In the early 1990s the World Wide Web was in use to this application and then later came the Http web server and this attracted the minds of the people. It gets connected through a single internet connection to retrieve a large amount of data at the same time.

This Http makes the conversation with the users and also the clients. This Http has divided into two different sub-types like the client program and the server program. This shares and transfers the conversation messages from the clients and the users. As this works on the web browsers it mainly uses the Netscape communicator and the Internet Explorer to execute the transactions.

As this is based completely on the web applications and servers each of this process have a URL and also an IP address to get to the address faster. By this URL the http search the web page according to the given web addresses and displays it on the screen.

As this system is the Http web server it also has the same type of the demand like the Apache servers. This software can accept the multiple request of the client at the same duration of time. But this also has the certain multiple request sending limits too. Since the security issues are very weak here the secured browsing is much needed in this existing system. The progressive of the existing system is completely depended on the number of the clients and the users that sends the multiple requests at the same time as well.

 Download  NIT Computer Science Project Report on HTTP Web Server .

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