Embedded Extended Visual Cryptography Schemes Project

The main purpose of developing this Embedded Extended Visual Cryptography Schemes Project is to provide secret image sharing and recover the secret image by using EVCS technology. In this system we can encode the image and share it instead of using high level cryptography methods. Some of the old applications supported to only jpg image secret sharing but now the proposed project can support both gif images as well as png images.

The main advantage of this system is we are not going to lose visual image quality and image pixel size. The executed applet has a menu bar and navigation bar. Menu bar contains file section, mode section, visual cryptography section, show result section, information section. Encrypt section, encrypt transparencies section and overlay section. Under file section any user can upload gif or png images.

This final year M Tech project was developed with java swings and java applets using Eclipse tool.

Download Embedded Extended Visual Cryptography Schemes Project Abstract, Complete Documentation, Paper Presentation, Base Paper.

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  1. you just saved my life …
    i want to express my deep regards to the author of this project, who have created such a brilliant project.

    A very special thanks to this website 1000projects.org.
    with the help of this project it was so easy to make mine…

    thank you very much guys.

  2. Sir,

    Please provide the coding part for this project…Its an emergency for me and please help me..

    Thanks in advance

  3. Hello,
    Thanks for the video on this project. On an old computer i had this program shown in the video. i cannot find the program any longer. Do you have the source code or a build of the program availible for purchase?

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