Educational Information Management System


  • Educational Portal for students, parents, teachers and institutes to communicate in a complete knowledge based interactive environment.
  • Important for students to know individual strengths and weaknesses through self assessment.
  • Induces change in existing contents and methods of learning processes.
  • Includes wireless features for anytime, anywhere communication.

Admin Module:

  • Login Authentication.
  • Add, Modify and Delete courses, batches and branches.
  • Monitor attendance, various results and general performance.
  • Manage information about the institute.
  • Archive news, frequently asked questions.
  • Maintain payment details of students.

User Module:

  • Username/ Password Authentication.
  • Access to latest news & frequently asked questions, student queries.
  • Check individual/group results as General, University & Internal exams.
  • Fee Payment details.

SMS & Education:

Segregated into two categories:-

  • Student/Parent Related Transactions
  • Automatic Alerts

Key Features :-

Student/Parent Related Transactions

  • Exam Results
  • Exam Time table
  • Fees monitoring
  • Quiz/contests/polls
  • Search facility
  • Other Student/parent Related Transactions and Queries

Automatic Alerts:

  • Admission Notification
  • Fees paid status
  • Announcements
  • Enquirers/Suggestions
  • Reports
  • Automated Results

Technologies used

This system uses J2EE, the most suitable technology for the systems of this type. For its flexibility & scalability that it provides.

The system demonstrates the following technologies of the J2EE platform :

a) Servlets
b) JSP
c) JavaBeans
e) JDBC Drivers
f) Java SMS API (third party tool)
g) MS Assess

This system uses a back end RDBMS database to store it’s data.

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