ECE Paper Presentation on Smart Antenna with PPT for Final Year Students

Introduction to Paper Presentation on Smart Antenna:

The paper is about smart antenna. A smart antenna system is combination of multiple antenna elements which is capable of processing with signal for optimizing the radiation automatically as response to that of the signal environment.

The smart antenna systems are divided as the switched beam or the beam system which is being adaptive. The switched beam is defined as the patterns which are defined previously or even the strategies which are combined.

The beam systems which are switched can be able to combine the outputs which are from the multiple antennas in order to form the sectorized beam. This technology of the adaptive antenna approach is the advanced approach which consists of number of algorithms which are signal processing. It is capable of identifying the tracks and also minimizes the signals which are interfering to provide an optimal gain.

The smart antenna system is used for increasing the signal quality of the radio-based system by focussing more on the transmission of the radio signals.

The smart antenna system features includes the gaining the signal, to improve the efficiency of the power and also rejection in case of inference.

The advantages of switched beam and systems which are adaptive include the Integration, also Range or coverage and also the Interference suppression. The smart antenna technology is responsible for improving the performance of the wireless system and also the economics for number of users. It ensures all the operators of cellular, pcs for increase in the signal quality, capacity and also the coverage.

We can conclude that implementation of the system also influences the network services and also the connection setup.

Download  ECE Paper Presentation on Smart Antenna with PPT for Final Year Students.

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