Diamond Chip Seminar PPT

Introduction to Diamond Chip Seminar Presentation:

All the electronic devices use silicon but the usage of silicon chips is not that efficient in power electronics. This led to invention of carbon chips which has better characteristics than silicon chips. By using carbon materials we can manufacture chips which are smaller in size and stronger and we can achieve higher processing speeds. The carbon nanotube is the major component used in microprocessors and is the major part of diamond chips. In this paper we will see how diamond chips are manufactured and the different forms of diamond chips and about the characteristic of carbon chips.

Brief on Diamond chips:

Carbon chips are called as diamond chips which are manufactured on a carbon wafer which as a diamond structure. The carbon nanotube is the major material used in diamond material which has unique properties. Pure carbon materials are non conducting in nature so they are made to undergo doping process so as to make it as a semiconductor material.

Carbon nanotubes are available in single walled and multi walled structures depending on the requirement they are used in the manufacturing process. The diamond chips works at a operating frequency of 81ght which is double the speed of the earlier devices and these have higher tensile strengths. Carbon nanotube exhibits the property of kinetic motion which creates an automatic rotational motion with in the inner nanotube core and outer nanotube shell.

Applications and Advantages of diamond chips:

By placing gate underneath single walled nanotube and by coupling the one half of the nanotube an ideal diode is formed. Carbon chips can with stand higher temperature and has higher processing speeds than the silicon materials. Carbon nanotubes are used for designing of nano RAMs and these maintain the supplied information regardless of whether the power is supplied or not.

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