Destination Choice and Tourist Decision Making


Some of the factors that influence the consumer behaviour are internal factors which deal with choice, quality of products and services, and previous experience over the travel and consumed product. Another factor that influences behaviour of consumer is its external factors. This external factor holds consumer views of family and friends, political factors, the media, and tourism organisation marketing. As said by Swarbrooke and Horner (1999) this consumer behaviour deals with each and every individual traveller that each and every one consumes product and expects their needs to get satisfied. In order to figure the consumer behaviour the product has to satisfy the customer needs which make them to use the service in future aspects. Consumer behaviour is a concept that gathers each and every individual into the same platform that organizes the level of satisfaction to the product consumer and also holds customer attention.

Consumer or traveller always looks after the product which satisfies all the needs. In order to achieve these satisfaction product developers has to consider some common needs which are to be customized by keeping marketing competition and price declaration into consideration.

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