“Data at Rest” Security: Using Sql Server 2005 Encrption Technologies



This application is a web site, in which provide the services like mailing, chatting services, encryption, decryption, compression and decompression between the members and admin.  This system provides all kinds of services to the clients like file transfer, mail, chat etc.,

This system is cost effective and provides a security like firewall.  Developed in ASP.net platform will be an advantage of to this software.

For every registration of user the members id. Will be generated automatically.  The registered user can encrypt bits data by using the algorithm and send it to the receiver.  The encrypted message will be added to the receivers in box.  Then the receiver uses his private key and decrypts it.

In mailing module all the encrypted mail, compression mail transfer to admin/admin to member and all the decrypted and decompression files are opened by admin/member.   In chatting module the confirmation messages passes from member to admin and admin to member.

If the registered user has forgotten his password or if he wants to change his password, while login on to him area, he can do it by entering his member_id and security answer. That he has given on the registration form while registering.

The user can compress and decompress the file, as per his need by using the folder creation option, then copy all file he want to compress and put them into the folder.  This folder can be made compressed and compressed folder can be decompressed according to the user’s need.  The idle user will be expired automatically.


Login Module

This module is used for authentication purpose. Any registered User who is trying to enter his work area is checked for his id and password .If he is authorized then he would be allowed to enter into his work area.

File Store Module:

File transfer is handled between User and Admin. To share a file from   Another User  the requestor User sends the request to the Admin. The Admin then gets the file from the User which provides the requested file. Then the Admin sends the file Encryption Key to That User


With the advent of the Internet and its commercial availability, the Universal e-mail has become a common feature in today’s High-tech World.


 In this module the confirmation messages passes from member to admin and admin to member

Compressing Module

In this module the folder can be made compressed and decompressed according to the users need


  • Front-End                  :        Asp.Net
  • Coding Language  :            C#
  • Back end                    :         SQL
  • Operating System     :        Windows XP.

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