Data Hiding In Audio Files Source Code

Data hiding in audio file project Description:

Data hiding in audio file project is a software application developed in platform. Main idea of this software application is to provide security for data by using digital stenography techniques. This technique is also called as water marking which is also used in hiding data in trademark, images, music..etc.. Inside every communication medium security is important so every data that is transmitted from source to destination is first encrypted so different techniques are used. Among them cryptography is technique is mostly used but in this paper we explain about stenography technique for hiding data in audio.

Detailed explanation about data hiding in audio project is provided in project documentation and abstract.

download data hiding in audio project source code in and project report.

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  1. I need help about your project Text File Hiding In Audio Files Using Low Bit Encoding Steganography
    how to run
    where its database file because when i running that project than it give error

    error occur whole establish sql connection

  2. Yea same here, it always says connection to sql not made. What to do? It has got a login page at start, what is it suppose to be entered? Reply soon.

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