CSE Seminar Topic and Report on Ultra Wide Band

Introduction to CSE Seminar Topic on Ultra Wide Band:

Now a day’s every person want to browse and watch video at a high speed and without interrupting. It is internet connection that provides a speed of 100mbps. It is a revolution in the wireless network that allows transferring the data a very high rate in the whole world at very low cost. It only not carries data but it has the power to carry the data through the doors and the obstacles that reflect the data.

The use this technology was started in late 1990’s by some companies like IBM, Intel and Motorola. The United States of America and Soviet Union also starts using this technology. It is used in military to find the planes in radar. It is very secure and it is very difficult in this technology to filter the noise and the background noises.

The radio waves are normally the sine waves and remain within the allocated frequency.These waves are normally used to carry the data from one place to nether. It uses three ways for modulating sine ways they are FM which include code less phone or cell phones, another is AM in which the signal comes from all over India. And the third one is PM which is very simple and it the sine waves are turned on and off. The wifi or UWB uses FM bandwidth for transmitting the signal and the information. The receiver decodes the information that is carried by wave.

Application: – it has many application in this world some of them are: – in radar to find out disaster, to avoid collision between two pilots, automotive safety, for home safety, in medical. It also used in communication media to transfer the data a very high speed. And it also used in positing to track person position.

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