CSE Latest Seminar Topic 2012 on Storage Media on Computer and Network Security

Introduction to Latest Seminar Topic 2012 on Storage Media on Computer and Network Security:

The storage media is considered as the technology that includes the different types of the devices and the materials which are been utilized for the purpose of placing, keeping as well as retrieving the data. The medium is known as the aspect which is been utilized to communicate the different types of the messages in the form of the data. The storage medium will include two different types of storages such as the primary storage and the secondary storage.

There is a necessity of the storage media for the purpose of offering the space for storing the different types resources that belongs to the computer networks such as the servers as well as the clients. In general there are different varieties of the storage devices that are network attached and they are having some advantages as well as the disadvantages which are considered to be usual within the network memory servers as well as the solid state memories.

The shared memory is having different benefits in which the terminal of a self computer and the different types of the computers towards the networks are capable of accessing the memory for them. The access for these specific types of the shared memories is like that of the programming modules in which the entire programming blocks will be capable of sharing the memory and fulfill the tasks assigned to them.

Generally, within the process of establishing the share memories the different types of the issues and problems related to the security will takes place when one computer or else the programming thread is employed with other work by making use of the memory blocks.

Without the interference of the third party some of the different types of the programs having virus will show the impact and will attack the data related to the program which is being carried out. On the other hand, the data which is being accessed by means of the other computers as well as the threads related to the computer programming will even be affected through the different programs that contain virus and for this reason the total system along with the network will be damaged. As a result there are different types of the security issues and problems within the storage media and the shared memories. 

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