Courier Information System Project And Source Code

Courier information system project Description:

Courier information system project is useful for small and large scale courier services for improving there service and increasing sales and services by using web based portal. Users can book courier, know about arrival of packages, closing and opening timings, customer support and feedback system for completing work in less time. At present most of the large scale courier services like blue dart..etc use these services. Most of features present on those sites are implemented in this application.

Existing system works on manual methods which is a time taking process but as usage of internet is increasing there are many users who can benefit from this online system.

download courier information system project source code and project report (documentation) and ppt.

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    1. Attch the mdf file to your Databases with SQL Server Management by Right Click to Databases Node then Click on “Attach”. A dialogue box will appear. Click on “Add”. Then select your mdf file.

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