Backup and Restore in SQL Server – SQL Server Tutorial

Backup and Restore in SQL Server :

Backup in SQL Server:-

To take backup of the database

  • Select the database
  • Right click
  • Select task
  • Select backup.
  • Select the database : MYDB
  • Backup :  Full, Differential, Transaction log.
  • Full → complete backup
  • Deferential means backup since backup. Since last backup what new objects are copied in backup.
  • Transaction log  : only transactions are copied backup copy.
  • Backup component : database
  • Backup set will  expire:  After :2 days.

Restoring the Database in SQL Server  :-

To restore the database:

  • Select database 
  •  Right click
  • Restore database option
  • To database : DB15
  • form device  → Path
  • Goto option → change the filename (or) path.

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