Auto Spare Parts Java Project


Auto spare parts is a java project developed to buy the spare parts online. Auto spare parts manufacturers industry outlook and online parts strategy are also included in our project. Spare Parts business is being developed by selling the spare parts online. It came under a high profit business area. It contributed the highest net income in auto companies balance sheet.



In this module users can add all the spare information which includes spare id, spare description, spare type, purchase rate, sale rate and quantity. User can add new spare, update spare, remove spare and add new spare type. User can submit data which save the given information.


Invoices module allows users to give customer name, spare type, quantity, discount and package details. User can select the details of the selected item. User can add or remove new item. User can view the details of the selected items by selecting the show option.


ustomers can place order in this module by filling the details. Customer can search for the required item. Customer can view the price details of the selected item.


Staff id, name ,address, contact number and posts can be displayed in this module. Admin can add, update or remove new staff details.


All the details of the customer can be viewed in this module. Admin can add, remove and update new customer details.


All the details of the distributor can be viewed in distributor module which includes name, id, address, phone number and purpose. Admin can add or remove the details of new distributor.


User can view the stock information, generated bill information in this report module.


User can enter the personal details in this module. User can add, remove or update details of new users.


User can view the details of the developer by selecting the developer module.

Software Requirements:

Operating System                   : Microsoft Windows 2007/XP

Languages                               : Java Programming Language.

Database System                    : MS Access

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