Asp.Net Project Topic for BCA on Small Mobile Shop System with Project Report

Introduction to Small Mobile Shop System with Project:

The aim of developing a Small Mobile Shop System is to sale and buy of the mobile sets in which all the details such as model number, battery number and other details are included. In the system costs of various models of the mobile sets are put and this record will kept by the storekeepers for any further query. But for sales and buying process generally calculator and notepad are widely used by the storekeepers. In this system there should be some columns for entering necessary details and it should be user-friendly and fast to access. 

For the recognized sets there should be model id column and image of the model for some renowned brand. If these columns are added to the system then it will be easy for the storekeeper to find the particular model if customer asks and he can easily check out whether it is still available or not.

In case there are some complaint regarding the sets this system allows putting remarks on it and change it when you need.   After putting the model id you can easily get all the details about the particular model such as features, applications. You can also put supplier information for further reference. 

While purchasing the handsets the storekeeper needs to put some information of customer as well. So customer can fill the form with necessary details. In order to keep this data on this system Microsoft Access can be aiding to display the report without wasting much time.

This database helps to arrange all the details and displays it in integrated version and it is easy to use for any user to work n it. This Access includes the multiple data tables in the single database file therefore it is quite easy to use several information to access simultaneously. It does not make use of much memory of your system and it displays the query in supreme manner by a single click. 

Download  Asp.Net Project Topic for BCA on Small Mobile Shop System with Project Report.

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