Analyze Five Benefits And Five Disadvantages Of QA Operating At Full Capacity?

The advantages of QA at full capacity are:

1. Generation of high revenue and profit making

2. Recruiting more employees

3. Possibility of charging low cost and enlarges the volume.

4. Fixed costs per unit will be at lowest possible level. 

Utilization of full capacity will  permit QA to produce more ,certainly there will be increase in fixed costs, Any how utilization full capacity cannot control cost. 

The disadvantage of QA operating at fully capacity 

By doing like this, there will be reduction of wastage But it doesn’t control the costs.  as output enlargement restricted by the vary present capacity, rigid capacity prices will be being extend  the crosswise that advanced output and must be increasing on a per unit basis, and  to  the accountant of QA,   because the way in which costs ought to best owed  obliquely products, markets would  be open for issue, but he can’t take decisions concerning scheduling.

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