AirCraft Auto Pilot Roll Control System Mechanical Project Presentation

The autopilot is an automatic control mechanism that includes the aircraft based on magnetic heading. The aim of the project is to manage the aircraft with the roll angle in the auto pilot system.

 The ailerons are important flight control surfaces present on aircraft. They are small hinged portion present on the outboard section of the wing. These surfaces are movable which control the motion of the longitudinal axis known as roll. They are used to produce the rolling movement for an aircraft.

 Actuator is the tool which aims the process to offer the output. Hence the Aileron Actuator is the tool that forms the ailerons motions. The Gyro or heading indicator can be found in an aircraft to intimate the pilot where he is heading. It functions on gyroscope available with the aircraft horizontal.

 Flight dynamics is about the air and space science vehicle orientation which manages in three dimensions. The aircraft roll control consists of components and functions like controller gain, aileron actuator, aircraft dynamics, and gyro. The auto pilot system decreases the work burden of pilot. The pilot roll control removes the exhaustion to control the aircraft by the pilot. The system is used for auto missiles to manage the roll angle. It enables the aircraft for the control of auto pilot.


 Aircraft is controlled with the help of three important surfaces. They are aileron, rudder, and elevator. The project is build for the purpose that allows the pilot to monitor the aircraft by all parts of flight.

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