Abstract Programmers Editor Syntax Based Coloring

Syntax highlighting is used for distinguishing source cord from other related test. They are mainly done by providing source code in different color and fonts. In structured language such as programming language or markup language both structures and syntax errors are visually distinct; highlighting the text doesn’t affect the meaning of the line of source code, it only makes a different visual for human eye. Some editors also integrate syntax highlighting with spell checking which are external to the language. Syntax highlighting is an important strategy to improve the readability and context of the source code of a program, so that the reader can easily ignore large section of the comment and code depending on different sections in the program which may be of several pages. This feature also helps programmers to find the errors in there program, these feature are provided by different editors such as visual studio, dream- viewer.

            In case of multi-document editors which support more than one language visual studio, dream – viewer, the user can specify the language of text such as c#, c, HTML, XML or the text editor automatically recognize the language on based on their extension, such as .c for c language, .cs for c# language. It also has different problems faced such as an a html file contains an in build JavaScript code in these cases, it is not clear what language is to used and this document may not be highlighted incorrectly.

            Different color are been done on basis of the keywords, control flow statements, variables, comments and other elements in the program. These ideas have been used in this software which is used to create an editor for c language which is able to differentiate all the keywords, control flow statements, etc. on providing different color on basis on the classification. 

Download Abstract Programmers Editor Syntax Based Coloring.

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