A Local Area Network File Transfer System by using FTP & HTTP File Share Server

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  • Type Of Proposal: Formal 
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  • Title: A Local Area Network File Transfer System by using FTP & HTTP File Share Server
  • Keywords: Http Services ,Ftp Services, Java Socket Api,Java 1.4.2,Piv Processor(1.3 GHz) 

Problem Definition: The whole pc-based systems which are available right now are all running through the network type communication .it is more time consuming to transfer files between all the systems connected in a network manually. We have some limitations in this application like users should have knowledge of ftp commands and if we share any file with in the network it can be accessed by anyone with this network becomes insecure. To overcome these limitations we can develop a new type of system called ftp &http file share server. It acts as a network administrator to its client to provide remote service like file transfer. 

Aim: To Develop Http & Ftp File Share Server Environment. Http&Ftp File Share Server Application Provide Remote Services To Its Entire Client Over The Network. 


  1. To Design The Data Flow Diagrams And Testing At Different Levels,
  2. analyzing The System Development Environment. 

Research Method:

1) Expanding My Knowledge By Reading Books Related To File Transfer System, And Ftp, Http Services.

2) Having Discussions With My Supervisor I.E With You.

3) Observing My University Network Operations. 


1)File Transfer System Coding In The Object Oriented Programming Language.

2)Design Details(Data, Architectural, Procedural Designs)

Conclusion: It Provides Very Fast, Easy And Reliable Access To The File Server Data. Initially The Entire Procedural Flow Of The System Is Represented Diagrammatically In The Form Of Data Flow Diagrams.

A Gantt Chart Is Included Below.

Gantt Chart:

Ic Task Name Start  Finish Duration July                 August
1 Design     10 Days  
2 Testing     1 Week  
3 Analysing Results     10 Days  
4 Documentation     11 Days  


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