Introduction to Text File Hiding In Audio Files Using Low Bit Encoding Steganography Project:

Text file hiding in audio files using low bit encoding steganography project is implemented in Platform using C#.Net coding language. Main aim of this project is to provide security for data by hiding data in audio files without altering data in audio file. With this technique security of the data can be increased to satisfactory level. Even if the hidden data is hacked by any user it will be in encrypted form and it will be tough to decrypt data. It is challenging task to integrate data in to audio file because of human auditory system works on a wide dynamic range. 

This method is alternative to cryptography techniques which provide more security than existing techniques. Audio steganography technique is improving it scope of usage in many applications. In this project we use simple algorithm though which users can securely communicate with other users. This algorithm does not use any keys but it provides better performance by even dealing with high risks. 

Here we provide entire project source code and project report for free download. Project report covers detailed explanation on implementation and design phases involved in developing this application.