RF Projects

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Student Administration Automation System using RFID system

 Student Administration Automation System using RFID system is a generic electronics based application design to automate and enhance the manual work of recording and reporting in real-time, the Time and Attendance System in schools/ colleges/ private institutes. A Log is maintained in the Database, which contains timely information of the Tag’s Enter system and Exit(…)

Security management in airports using Rfid

Project Title: Security management in airports using Rfid Software Specifications: Java Programming, MySQL, Rfid Reader and Tags  Project Description: Security management in airports using Rfid has been implemented by using Java & MYSQL Open source database server. Airport security System has gone through tremendous major changes in last decade. Notably, these major changes have been(…)

Electronic Toll Systems Project

Electronic toll systems main objective is to implement a user friendly toll fee method which can save time and reduce traffic congestion at toll gates and provide solution for users to reach their destination without wastage of time. In general toll gates are placed on high ways and collect money from travelers. In that process(…)

Energy Aware Tag Anti Collision Project

Energy Aware tag Anti Collision RFID technology is used to store & retrieve data through an RF integrated circuit. The main components of this technologies are a READER along with antenna, which is used to retrieve(READ or WRITE) data to the the TAGS. In the present existing system , the coliision of signals takes place,(…)

A Control Design for Vehicle Speed with Multilevel Using RF Technology

Project Description on Vehicle Speed Control: It is a RF based technology which can work on EMBEDDED system. The main aim of A Control Design for Vehicle speed with Multilevel using RF Technology project is, now a days peoples are driving very fast, accidents are occurred frequently, we loss our valuable life by making small mistake(…)

IR based projects

IR based projects List: This category consists of IR based projects Abstracts,Live projects for ECE and EEE on IR based projects,Download IR based projects List,Download free IR based projects Abstracts AUTOMATIC ROOM LIGHT CONTROLLER WITH VISITOR COUNTER RC5 IR BASED REMOTE DEVICE SWITCHING IR BASED DISTANCE MEASUREMENT SYSTEM. Home automation (AC/DC) using PC interface Abstract(…)