ECE and EEE Project Abstracts

This category consists of latest abstracts which can be used for institutions for developing new projects for electrical and electronic final year students. Electronics students can download mini and major projects with abstracts and project reports.

Final Year ECE Seminar Topic on Application of Swarm Robots with Full Report

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Application of Swarm Robots: This paper shows a prologue to the universe of swarm robots and adumbrates its requisitions. Swarm robotics is right now without a doubt the most imperative provision ranges for swarm insights. The specialist has an essential thought of advancing swarm robots for the security reason. The aforementioned(…)

ECE Major Project Idea on Relay Coordination with Project Report

Introduction to Relay Coordination with Project: This paper addresses the design and implementation and the importance of relay coordination in an electrical system, the proper operation of an electrical system depends on the coordination of relay system to a greater extent, when  an electrical system under faulty conditions the protective device has to be operated successfully,(…)

PWM Fed Speed Control of Induction Motor Using PC Final Year ECE Major Project Report

Introduction to PWM Fed Speed Control of Induction Motor Using PC Project: The main objective of this project is to control the speed of an induction motor with pulse modulation technique; this paper deals an innovative way of induction motor speed control mechanism rather than the conventional approaches like stator/rotor resistance control, frequency control method and(…)

Final Year ECE Seminar Topic on Green Photonics with Report

Introduction to Green Photonics Seminar Topic: This paper addresses the importance of the green photonics in protecting environment; this paper gives a clean overview about the importance of these green photonics in the production of clean energy and solid state lightning with their importance in energy loss reduction and environmental sensing. This project helps people to(…)

ECE Final Year Project Report for Intelligent Network Intrusion Detection System Project

Introduction to Intelligent Network Intrusion Detection System Project: In today’s generation Internet has become the most efficient and largely used service for the help of the users. People use internet to search and get their valuable data but the internet is the most visiting lace for the internet attackers this attackers and hackers keeping searching for(…)

Infrared Data Transmission ECE Lab Project Report

Introduction to Infrared Data Transmission ECE Lab Project: The existing system has two parts or is divided into two sub types called as the transmitter and the receiver. Here the transmitter uses the PWM called as the pulse width modulation which is the partnership with the IR diode to generate the high frequency range. This high(…)

Electronics Project Idea on Video Security for the Ambient Intelligence

Introduction to Electronics Project Idea on Video Security for the Ambient Intelligence : The Project is an application for the security and identification purpose by installing the video system to identify people and to track the people and movements and their counting in an intelligent building under the design of ambient intelligence or AmI. The system(…)

Eye on Cell Phone Operated Land Over Electronics and Telecommunication Project Report

Introduction to Eye on Cell Phone Operated Land Over Electronics and Telecommunication Project: In this paper we will see a mobile operated robot which has wireless camera placed in front of it. In this we use two mobiles one is placed in the robot and the other acts like a remote for controlling the robot. In(…)

Microcontroller Based Home Security System ECE Project Report

Introduction to Microcontroller Based Home Security System Project: Microcontroller based home security system is a new revolutionary concept which is attracting everyone’s attention in recent times. With an intent to provide security right from household purpose to small, medium, large scale industries including  security  in  military organizations. This paper address a new technology that had numerous(…)

ECE Minor Project Report on Modern Security System With Message Transmitter

Introduction to Modern Security System With Message Transmitter Project: “Prevention is better than cure” this notation not only applicable for medical sciences, but also in security aspects. We need to protect our valuables every man had right to ownership for his belongings, keeping this in mind we implemented a new modern security system with message transmitter,(…)