Performing Validator Plug-in Based Client Side Declarative Form Validation

Performing validator plug-in based client side declarative form validation:-

Step1:- Perform all the ten steps of previous class on Struts app’s (StrutsDemo App1-Dv)

Step2:- Take formpage as input page of action class (register.jsp)

Step3:- Add html: java Script tag in the form page having form bean logicalname

                 <html: javascript form name = “rf”/>

Note: – The above step generated one dynamic javascript function having the javascript code of form validation (validator plug-in supply) that javascript function name notation is validate form bean logical name.

        Validate <FormBean logicalname>(this)

  • if form bean logical name is “rf” then the function name would be validateRF (-)

    For example if form bean logical name is “abc” then the function name could be validateABC (-)

Call the above step generated dynamic javascript function against on submit event in <html: form> tag of form page.

                On submit = “return validateRF (this)”


          <html: javascript formname = “rf”/>

< html:form-action = “register” method= “get” on submit = “return ValidateRF (this)”>

Username: < html: text property= “username”/> < html: errors property= “username”/><br>

Password: < html: password property= “password”/> < html: errors property= “password”/><br>

    <html: submit value = “checkDetails”/>

    </html: form>

Note: –   Since validator plug-in performs both cliect side & server side form validations even though script code (javascript) even is disabled through browser settings, the server side form validation ligic takes place automatically.                                

To disable scriptcode in Internet Explorer:-

  1.  Select Tools and the following
  2. Internet
  3. security tab
  4. logical internet
  5. custome label
  6. Scripting
  7. Actionscripting
  8. disable.

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