Introduction to Online Detection and Prevention phishing Attacks Project:

Online detection and prevention phishing attacks project is implemented in java platform. Main idea of this project is to implement a anti phishing algorithm called as link guard which works on character based so it can detect known phishing attacks and also unknown ones. Phishing is the process of hacking user’s security information like bank accounts, credit card numbers …etc. In this process users will receive emails with hyperlinks with information like it is sent from banks and when user clicks on links users will be routed to a unknown website which will ask for bank account details like password changes, credit card details. When users enter his details hackers will capture that information at server side and use that information for transferring money from bank accounts. In order to solve this problem we use anti phishing algorithms to block phishing mails.

For this project we provide entire project report, source code in java, data flow diagrams, UML diagrams, architecture design and screen shots.

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 Download Online Detection and Prevention phishing Attacks Project Report and Source Code  from this link.