Nanotechnology in Solar Cell Paper Presentation Report

Introduction to Nanotechnology in Solar Cell Seminar Topic:

Current technology in solar power has a little chance to compete with the fossil fuels, the solar cell available today are more expensive to generate electricity in large scale. The introduction to the nanotechnology leads to development of cheaper and slightly more efficient solar cell.

This paper discusses about the comparison between the conventional solar cells and the solar cell made of nanotechnology. The new technology is capable of generating sufficient energy, which helps in preserving the environment. This paper also discusses about the working principle of both conventional and nanotechnology based solar cells. The conventional solar cell is known as photovoltaic cells which are made up of semiconductor materials like silicon, where the energy is created when the light hits the cell and photons absorb the energy.

Some of the main drawbacks of the conventional solar cells are they are expensive, uses up to 10 percentage of energy from sun, inefficiency, etc. while working with solar cell made up of nanotechnology most of the drawback of the conventional system are been cleared. The new solar panel with nanotechnology uses a tiny Nano rods dispersed within the polymer, these Nano rode act as an electric wire where it absorb the light from the sun at specific wave length and creates electrons. The elections generated flows through the Nano rode until it reaches the aluminium electrode such that they complain to form electricity.

This type of cell is cheaper to maintain and manufacture than the conventional solar cells because of two main reason, this plastic cell is not made of silicon which is less expensive, and the second is manufacturing these cells doesn’t require clean rooms or vacuum champers like the conventional silicon solar cell. Some of the main advantage of the nanotechnology solar cell is that it can be tuned to absorb various wavelength of light from sun which increases the efficiency of the solar cell.

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