MMC Card Interface to the Microcontroller Using SPI Protocol

MMC card interface to the micro controller using SPI protocol for industrial data loggers project explains about procedure to interface pen drive like device called MMC to the micro controller. This application users SPI protocol for implementing this project. Basically MMC device is used for storing data, it can be easily connected to digital cameras to store images. This device can be connected to personal computer or laptops for transfer of data.

            In this project we are using LM35 as a temperature sensor. The Microcontroller reads the temperature data and stores it into the MMC card. This application note includes all of the necessary code for reading from and writing to an MMC card that has been formatted with a FAT file system.


  • Cellular phones
  •  digital audio players
  • digital cameras
  •  PDAs

download MMC Card Interface to the Microcontroller Using SPI Protocol.

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