Inspection Tool Project in Java

This project entitled Inspection Tool Project in Java deals with the automation of inspection process. Inspection is carried out in all major phases of SDLC (Software development life cycle) to ensure the reliability and credibility of software. This software is an intranet application which can be extended to the internet with a very few modifications.  The employees are provided with a well-defined GUI to carry out their operations irrespective of their location along with a greater security and ease. Thus, the software monitors the software development at various phases of SDLC. Each user deals with their own duties to accomplish the tedious task of software development in a simple manner, which is the main goal achieved through this software. Various processes such as conducting meetings, sending and receiving important information’s, operations performed by various personnel’s are automated in the course of this project.      

Inspection Tool Project in Java     

Existing System: 

  • The manual processing is not much accurate in the sense that all defects are not identified in each phase.
  • There is the possibility of recording the defects any number of times, there by checking the same defects more than one time.

This manual process also takes a lot of time for carrying out each task.   

Limitations of Existing System: 

          The limitations of the existing system are

  Time consumption.

  High human resource.

  No powerful decision tool.

Proposed Inspection Tool Project :

  • This project simplifies and automates the present manual system.
  • This project reduces the manual effort and increases efficiency.
  • It creates an effective communication mechanism between team members.
  • To present the management with timely and informative reports.

This project gives good assistance for the proper project documentation in each phase.

The software achieves the following: 

  •  Verifies that the software element(S) satisfies its specification & applicable standards.
  •  Collects software engineering data regarding the process towards improving the process itself.
  •   Identifies the bugs earliest in the software cycle.

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