Eight Bit Manipulation

Introduction to Eight Bit Manipulation:

The project aims at performing multiplication of two eight bit numbers  by using Spartan 3E kit. For this multiplication a verilog program has to be written. The program is written and compiled using xlinx ise 9.2i software. This software runs on a windows operating system. The Spartan 3E kit is designed by using FPGA. The gates present on the kits perform the logical operation.

Theory and Algorithm:

In the provide xlinx software we need to create a verilog file and the port names have to be assigned. We have to code the verilog program and compile it to check the syntax errors. If the program is not coded properly we may not get the required output. we need to the assign the package pins by creating the ucf file. By using the jtag port we can connect Spartan 3e kit and configure the device. In the program the registers are to assigned properly otherwise the error occurs while performing the logical operation.

Logical operation:

Depending upon the given eight bit numbers the logical operations are performed as follows. After downloading the FPGA program we have to check whether the multiplicand and multiplier are positive, otherwise the successive addition cannot be performed. If any of the multiplicand is not positive then the successive addition is performed by replacing the msb value with 1 instead of zero. If both the multiplicands are negative then the successive addition is performed by using 2s complementation. If the multiplicand is negative and the multiplier is positive then the 2s complement of the multiplicand is taken and given to the multiplier for performing the successive addition.

Download Eight Bit Manipulation Project Report.

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