ECE Industry Mini Project Report on Power Supply Scheme of BEL

Introduction to Mini Project Topic on Power Supply Scheme of BEL:

BEL- Bharat Electronics Limited, Machilipatnam is established in the year of 1981 become an India mart member since from 2011. It is a manufacturer company expanded their business in the Indian subcontinent and nearly 500 people employed in it.

There is a requirement for energy management means usage of fewer amounts of energy resources or fossil fuels as we have limited energy resources. People in all over the world has been realized the importance of energy management as we have limited fossil fuels and there is an increase in demand. Energy management and energy efficiency place a very important role in saving the energy.In transmission and distribution of power, power factor plays a major role that is how means if the power factor is low then that system draws more current to satisfy the connected load for a given amount of power. There are two Power Factor Control Centers (PFCs) in BEL to correct low power factors.

BEL-MACHILIPATNAM is having 11KV/440V substation to take care of loads inside the factory and for stepping down the voltage levels BEL-MC has two 750KVA on-load transformers. The incoming main supply 11KV at BEL-MC is divided into 2 feeders to connect to these two transformers through Gang Operating Switch (GOS).

BEL-MC has many energy consumption areas and has a11KV/440V substation. Through this substation only the electric power generated from the APSEB is distributed and Power Control Center controls the power distribution throughout the plant. For any power supply failures BEL-MC consists a backup of 750KVA DG-set.This substation contains one power control center, two 750KVA transformers and one diesel generator.

This paper gives detailed information about the substation, energy consumption pattern in the BEL-MC and the concepts of Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency that how BEL-MC fallow and satisfy the energy conservation methods.

Download  ECE Industry Mini Project Report on Power Supply Scheme of BEL.

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