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DFD ER Class Diagram for Airline Booking System Project

October 17, 2012 posted in CSE Mini Projects, CSE Project Reports, MCA Projects, MSC MCA Projects by Kasarla shanthan/Ramesh Gavva


In this stage facilitate I had composed contrivances for diverse specialized sub situations a few than are encased here with.


  • An individual comes to save a ticket. 
  • Then he gives his full portions 
  • In client shape the aforementioned parts were composed. 
  • Then workstation check the date what date the individual held 
  • Date keen it check the flights 
  • If the flight is excursion that day 
  • Then framework support the particular flight id 
  • It checks its seat class. 
  • If the traveler prefer to budgetary class and window side seat 
  • Then framework check if there any seat in budgetary class which is within the window 
  • If seat is purge then framework held the seat. 
  • Then ticket is created. 
  • The ticket is affirmed. 
  • If the condition is not connected then it check subsequently seat and supported it. 
  • If it’s not additionally discharge then it checks subsequently by afterward. 
  • if there is no seat then framework take ticket which is not affirmed 
  • Then it gives holding up post. 
  • Lastly it gives a post and finishes the framework.


•           A traveler comes to drop the ticket

•           Then the framework opens the erase structure

•           Then click shoe summon.

•           It showcase every last trace of the traveler record

•           Then select the PNR number and click erase choice

•           The framework demonstrates record is erased.

Flight_ Details:-

In flight portions we first make a structure. Then we make all message boxes. We make charge box. in this structure we are utilize diverse charge box the aforementioned are past, in the first place, subsequently, include, brand new, overhaul, erase, recovery in this shape we include unique flight record and overhaul it then the Value is heading off to the database. When we click subsequently, final, past, first summon bind Then it demonstrate different thing serially. An individual comes to know the timings for the flight which is run over from Delhi to Goa. Then we click demonstrate order catch.


•           First it clicks the concession box.

•           Concession box open

•           It chooses the classification.

•           Then its compute.

•           And the admission is computed.

•           Then irrevocable passage is producing in ticket.

Download  DFD ER Class Diagram for Airline Booking System Project .

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