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Design of DDR SDRAM Using Verilog HDL

January 11, 2012

Design Of DDR SDRAM Using Verilog HDL projects main idea is to find out the problems that are seen in the design and implementation of DDR SDRAM memory controller. This project can be useful as a reference for other applications which are related to DDR SDRAM memory controller. This paper will cover design issues and provide solutions for problems. Information study on this project will also be useful for any design which works on Double Data Rate interface.

DDR Ram is advanced version of basic synchronous DRAM. DDR Ram data transfer rate is fast on each clock cycle which will improve the efficiency by doubling the data output of the memory device.

Other features of DDR Ram are it works as a bidirectional data strobe while data read and data write operations.

download  Project on Design Of DDR SDRAM Using Verilog HDL  project.

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    Design of DDR SDRAM Using Verilog HDL

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