An automobile is a wheeled motor vehicle which is used for transporting passengers has its own motor or engine. Motorcycles are most affordable means of motorized transport in the world and are most common kind of motor vehicle. There are about 200 million motorcycles used world widely.

 The lane splitting also called filtering which allows motorcycles to utilize the space between vehicles to travel through stationary or slow traffic. Major accidents happen because of carelessness among them forgot to have the side stand and start driving with side stand which leads to an accident.

 The aim of this Mechanical Mini Project is to decrease the tension of the driver of the vehicle because carelessness results in death so every time one must be aware of it. This mini project explains to reduce such kind of incidents. The main objective is to inflate the tyre in    emergency conditions when there is no one to help. This is one of the easiest and the cheapest methods.

This mini project comprises of two things. They are Side Stand Indicator Modulation and A Compressor Weight is very low. Who is going to drive byke must know how important these two things and how successful are these two.

The side stand is the most founded thing by senior engineer which is attached to bike not to the centre stand and people mostly use only side stand of the bike because it is easy to use when compared to centre stand. With the lack of this small forgiveness it may lead to accident, death, or loose of any organ of the body.


The goal of this Design & Fabrication of a Tension Less Two Wheeler Bike project is to make us feel tensionless while driving a two wheeler and to avoid accidents. Few bikes like yahama, fazer and sports bike use engine guard which helps a lot to avoid accidents.

Download Design & Fabrication of a Tension Less Two Wheeler Bike Mechanical Mini Project